Can You Make it Rain Harder? : Prince Been Making Lemonade Since 2007

I promise this isn’t another think piece on how Beyonce’s visual album “Lemonade” is the message Black women have been waiting to see in mainstream media, although in a way it is. Although, if you ask me, I like to think of “Lemonade” as a creative confirmation of what we already knew: Black women are gracefully resilient. Our struggles are many, but we will always come through on the other side better, happy, laughing, and free.

Simply put, Lemonade was good. As a creative, I was able to appreciate every aspect of it. Beyonce got me over here brainstorming on how to step my game up in my next photo shoot (after I lose 20+ pounds of course). I could sing “Lemonade” praises all day, but truth be told, I can’t stop thinking about Prince.

Steve and I were on Royal Caribbean’s “Brilliance of the Seas” cruise ship when we first learned of Prince’s death. Since we weren’t trying to pay $40 per day for access to the Internet, our only connection to the outside world was the television in our room. While Steve dominated the TV in an effort to keep up with the NBA Finals, I would occasionally check other channels. MNBC broke the news about the “Purple One” after receiving confirmation from CNN.

I internally cried purple tears. I was a Prince fan. I am a Prince fan. The movie “Purple Rain” was released in 1984, the year I was born, yet somehow my favorite Prince song is “I Would Die 4 U” from the Purple Rain soundtrack. I fancy “Call My Name”, “Diamonds and Pearls”, and “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” as well. One of my favorite quotes from my FAVORITE movie of all time, “The Color Purple” says :

“It pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.” -Alice Walker

I think Prince agreed.

Although a fan of Prince, he seemed so far away. He was a private individual, but he also had a mysterious veil around him that no one could enter. As social media began to become inundated with stories and videos about Prince, I indulged, learning things I never knew about Prince Rogers Nelson (who would have ever thought Prince was his real name?!?)

Prince was a humanitarian, apparently a comedian, devoted to his practice of Jehovah’s Witness, and the father of subtle SHADE! I love it. All around the world people had NOTHING but good things to say about him. I watched a video of James Brown calling Michael Jackson and Prince to the stage. Classic. There’s even one of Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina rocking out at a Prince concert. *tears*  However, the video that stood out the most to me, is a mini documentary summarizing Prince’s 2007 Halftime Performance.

Confession: I don’t remember this performance. At ALL, which kills Steve, because it was after all our Chicago Bears at the Super Bowl. Sorry, babe. *Kanye shrug*

Anywho, it was raining, which is taboo, because apparently it NEVER rains at the Super Bowl. Don Misher calls up Prince to inform him of the unfavorable weather and the conversation went something like this (according to Production Designer Bruce Rogers).

Don: I want you to know it’s raining.

Prince: Yes, it’s raining.

Don: Are you okay?

Prince: Can you make it rain harder?

*Drops mic* Seriously, what more can I say after that? I remember How I dang near had a panic attack before my #WhenGodSaidYes book launch in Atlanta, because it was…raining, and it was INSIDE. I’ve been feasting on Prince’s “the glass is half full response” ALL week. Beyonce’s “Lemonade” was the cherry on top.

Life happens, and as we know it isn’t always sweet. My 20’s taught me the importance of changing my attitude, while waiting for my circumstances to change. Trust me, it does wonders. And now, at the age of 31, Prince has blessed me with an eternal gem. Sometimes life will rain on our parade. Don’t work yourself up. Welcome it. Embrace it. And don’t forget to ask “Can you make it rain harder?”. *Twirls*

Rest in peace “Purple One”.

Love Always,



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